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Born psychic, medium, channeler, author of the book "What's Next?" ,  International Personal and Business Consultant and private Advisor, Inspirational & Motivational Speaker, Radio & TV Producer & Host - Background in Economics and International Politics - Business Devt. (Europe/USA) - Certified & legally practiced…


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Pearls of Wisdom

~ Letting Go engages the sense of experience in time - Allow for nostalgia to be felt, and for the better unknown to happen.

~ You have grown into a family of likes. Enjoy the moments in their company and allow for the love to shine through.

~ Spirits are always on the look-out for connections. Wherever you step, you will encounter many who may alleviate your load.


This week: Be You ~

Tues. 08-16-2016

8 - balanced expansion within the ying and yang

16 - you, in service to others

You've been thrown around a bit lately, but you've also grown tremendously since last year.  This week, go out into familiar grounds - your local butcher, the neighbor who passes you by, or the school staff that awaits your child - and be your positive self.

Happy encounters make for wonderful moments with meaning in time.


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Children's Authentic Self

Posted by Astrid Stromberg on August 1, 2016 at 5:30am 0 Comments

     Sitting outdoors on the patio, the pool to my right, the neighbor's pool installment grinding to my left, I was channeling the hilarious Georgianna, of Rhys Bower's mystery novels to my comedian virtual friend, Liysa.…


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